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Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels

Acoustic wall and ceiling panels are dedicated to public BUILDING, institutional as airports, railway stations, concert halls, theaters, cinemas, office buildings, hotels, science and technology parks, research institutes, universities, academic campuses, exhibition facilities, sports arenas , government buildings, public offices, court buildings. Performed on the substructure of aluminum or wooden fire protected. They are designed for installation inside buildings where besides esthetics fire aspect are important.

Depending on the requirements of acoustic and fire panels can be core: gypsum – fiber (fire class B-s1-d0) MDF combustible. We are able to perform well on the plates GK panels or plywood.

Panel akustyczny Yellow Acoustic z perforacją liniową

Each of the types of panels have a wide range of materials. Panels and wall coverings can be finished with a variety of raw materials, depending on the vision of the architect and investor as well as any natural veneer wood, laminates, HPL, HPL Compact, lacquered MDF, vinyl, ceramic surfaces, the surfaces of silver, gold (hand applied petals of these ores) and personalized according to customer requirements.

There are no limits – the only limitation is the human imagination.


Yellowacoustic is able to offer panels with different types of perforation:

Panel akustyczny z perforacją otworową


Panel akustyczny z perforacją liniową


Panel akustyczny z perforacją fasolową


Panel akustyczny z mikroperforacją


In our offer there is also Microperforation (1mm diameter hole). As the only Polish manufacturer we are able to Microperforation veneered panels and laminates. The use of micro-on linings to preserve wood grain veneer and natural wood pattern in giving him the acoustic properties. The visual effect is stunning. Possible embodiments are also perforated designs by the architects.


High quality and precision

The rigid and light aluminum or wooden substructure fire protected

Individually tailored solutions panel installation

The speed and ease of assembly and disassembly

Individually selected acoustic perforation

Full range of colors and designs trim panels

Horizontal and vertical arrangement of wall panels

Doors at the same finish as the panels



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