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The production process

Production takes place in Poland’s only at the manufacturing plant in Koszalin. It is an ideal place because of the possibility of utilizing a large production area. We have a well-developed machinery and highly specialized staff. We are able to ensure the continuity of production, without the use of external companies. High quality product is the result of many years of experience in interior finishing industry, which was developed for than 25 years.

Production Planning

Project analysis

Initially, the engineers analyze the project to determine the degree of complexity walls and ceilings or acoustical.

Completion of raw materials

Every new project is switched to the production plan, where priorities are assigned to it and the exact schedule of production. At this point, it is also referred to nesting of panels (size).

The inclusion of the project plan

After accurate information from production department, regarding of the demand for individual commodities, they will be ordered.


Dimensioning and preparation of cores for further processing

Upon delivery of all raw materials needed for the implementation of the project starts production stage. The core panels (MDF - flammable or gypsum fiber), is dimensioned according to previous calculations and prepared for further processing.

Append boundary strips

The next stage of production is to append to the edge of the core boundary strips of solid wood in a color selected by the architect or GW, natural veneer, laminate (the top layer of the panel). Because of that, each panel all around has uniform color, and construction of panel is not visible.

Calibration planes

The next step is to calibrate the planes - the removal of inequalities plate and glued strips of solid wood. This is an important point, especially when the decorative layer is a veneer, it depends on how the panel will be presented.

Glue surfaces of panels

Glue planes wall cladding made out of natural veneers, laminates HPL or other decors selected by the architect. But this is not the last step in the production of the panels.

Precise formatting panels for final dimentions

The next stage of formatting lining to the dimensions of the final (net), while maintaining a high dimensional accuracy, enabling trouble-free installation. Just a small difference dimensions and layout of panels may differ significantly from the planned, the effect will be unsatisfactory.

Final adjustment of the side edges

Moment, which will allow for fast and seamless installation on aluminum Yellowacoustic systems is Final adjustment of the side edges. It involves drilling sufficient depth and thickness of the gap, which embeds the panels on an aluminum structure.

Optional perforating

Yellowacoustic, depending on the project, performs the perforations in the wall and ceiling linings. It affects the acoustics in the ready room. Is the most important feature of the panels, but not limited to a perforated panel acoustic features, also unperforated panels affect acoustics.

Precision grinding (in the case of veneer)

In order to prepare surfaces, natural veneers glued to the painting process, they are subjected to multiple grinding. With extremely accurate devices, the thickness of the veneer panels is identical. However, it is controlled in each case.


The final stage is painting surface covered with natural veneers in order to protect surfaces against dirt, damage and from UV rays.



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