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Panel’s Installation

Panel’s and acoustic panels installation of Yellow Acoustic company is a part of the Yellow Service offer. On customer request, we install special acoustic materials systems, prepared under Yellow Acoustic products. The system includes: substructure, mounting profiles, corners, reviews. The whole process takes place extremely quickly, thanks to a certified installation crews – each of them performs even the most difficult task.

The installation process


Measurement of wall and installation of the substructure with a laser


Adjusting the space between the vertical battens


Installation of mineral wool between the substructure


Installation of the first aluminum profile system


Removal of dust and swarf from the system of aluminum profiles


Installation of the first acoustic panel


Ensure that the acoustic panel is properly mounted


Installation of successive profiles and acoustic panels


Cleaning the dust from acoustic panels after installation

Yellow Service

Yellow Acoustic offers its customers a comprehensive Yellow Service covering:

  • Service installation with supervision
    Installation is carried out under the supervision of experienced contract engineer who care about the speed of work, quality and timeliness and in particular to comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Participation in meetings with GC
    Participation in meetings with the General Contractor is part of the Yellow Service, all decisions are in direct contact with the contract engineer.
  • Acoustic operat
    Yellow Acoustic has the knowledge and appropriate resource people who know all about acoustics. On individual request there is a possibility to make acoustic operats’ of any properties, especially concert hall, and on the basis of bringing the product to the implementation of such. Perforation and the degree of perforation, type of material (MDF or gypsum-fiber).
  • Current arrangements with the architect and acoustician
    At each stage of the work associated with the production or installation of acoustic panels, all the essential elements are agreed with the architect and acoustician, depending on the problem being solved.
  • Perform as-built documentation
    Yellow Acoustic performs well built documentation of the orders executed.
  • Transportation
    Part of Yellow Service is a transportation service. Due to the fact that the Yellow Acosutic is a Polish manufacturer, there is no problem with the delivery of products to the final installation of wall and ceiling panels.
  • Extended Warranty
    All acoustic materials are warranted, which after some time expires. Yellow Service offers its customers the possibility to extend the warranty depending on individual needs or circumstances.



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