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Technical Approval

Aprobata techniczna

Technical Approval


Each product has a Technical Approval, made ​​in an independent center Building Research Institute (ITB), confirming compliance of the product, its technical characteristics, mechanical and durability. Even the smallest parts of our products have technical approvals, defining possibilities. Assembly takes place according to the procedures described, the product passes through each quality control.

Badania ogniowe

Fire tests


Products Yellowacoustic has all the necessary in this field documents, exacerbating long-standing achievement. Fire classification determines the possibility of use of the products in public, it’s not marketing, but real, meaningful research, it reinforces the safety evacuation in case of fire. This is the most important element in yellowacoustic products. Constantly improving our products to care for your safety and well-being.

Badania higieniczne

Hygienic Research


Wall or ceiling coverings yellowacosutic are intended primarily for public facilities including hospitals, medical institutes of higher hygiene products. The panels are easy to clean, the area is protected against dirt, just a damp cloth, which will remove any dirt. Their hygienic properties are confirmed by the Department of Environmental Toxicology, Medical University of Gdansk.









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