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Yellow Acoustic Panels in the new School of Music in Zbąszyń

Yellow Acoustic Panels in the new School of Music in Zbąszyń

The new School of Music in Zbąszyń now open!

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Because of the features performed by the building – a music school and concert hall – application of appropriate design solutions and materials to ensure increased acoustic requirements of the object. In order to ensure adequate comfort, rooms are equipped with panels and acoustic ceilings. The concert hall requires such execution that no adverse effects occurred in the reflection of sound waves, which can be received by listeners as an echo. Accordingly, the ceiling suspension system of the audience has paneled structure. This ensures proper sound dispersion limiting the reflection of sound waves. In order to make better use of the sound on stage, was used special screen reflecting waves in the direction of the audience. The music school gyms have been installed acoustical wall panels, suspended ceilings and doors with high sound insulation.

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